Weekly Focus (July 10th -July 16th, 2023) Global E-cigarette Industry


1. Successful Crackdown on Illegal Vaping E-cigarette Operation by Inner Mongolia Police

 On July 4th, the Environmental Food and Drug Investigation Brigade of Abaga Banner Public Security Bureau in Ximeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, successfully cracked down on an illegal vaping e-cigarette operation. Simultaneous operations were conducted in Beijing and Shandong Province, resulting in the arrest of 11 suspects. Three storage sites and five vape distribution points were dismantled. Approximately 900 disposable vape e-cigarettes, 800 vape e-cigarette devices, and over 5,000 vape pod cartridges were seized, with an estimated value of more than 23 million yuan.

 During the interrogation, it was revealed that all the individuals involved were aware of the national regulations prohibiting the sale of non-standard vape e-cigarettes. Nevertheless, they engaged in the illegal vape products operation and distribution of vape products within the jurisdiction of Xilin Gol League. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

2. Shenzhen FM Technology Co Quality Safety Laboratory Expands CNAS Accreditation Scope

 Recently, Ecigator (Shenzhen FM Technology Co. Ltd) -one of the top vape manufacturer in China, Quality Safety Laboratory received an expanded scope of accreditation from CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment). It has obtained accreditation for an additional seven testing qualifications based on the national standards for vape e-cigarettes. Up to now, Ecigator has a total of 81 testing capabilities recognized by CNAS, covering 160 relevant indicators. The laboratory can conduct tests on vape devices, e-cigarette atomizers, e-liquids, and aerosols in accordance with national and international standards.

3. Pakistan Seizes a Batch of Smuggled Vape E-cigarettes Worth 90 Million Pakistani Rupees

 On July 13th, according to reports from Pakistani media, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Customs Intelligence and Investigation Bureau seized smuggled vape e-cigarettes worth 90 million Pakistani rupees (approximately 2.34 million Chinese yuan) in a major operation in Karachi. The confiscated goods included over 20,000 vape e-cigarettes, 1,378 kilograms of vape e-cigarette components, and 578 liters of flavored e-liquids. The owner of the vaping products was arrested for failure to provide legal import documents and is currently under interrogation. This is the largest crackdown on smuggled vape e-cigarettes in the history of Pakistan.

4. US FDA Grants $3.9 Million for Research on Flavored Vape E-cigarettes

 Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided a $3.9 million grant to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Ohio State University's tobacco research center. The grant is intended for studying the impact of flavored vape e-cigarettes on the smoking behavior of current adult cigarette users.

 The research leader, Mr. Wagner, stated, "Although some survey studies suggest that flavored vaping e-cigarettes may be more helpful for cigarette users to switch to vape e-cigarettes, these studies are not rigorous enough to guide FDA regulatory decisions. Our research will provide explicit information to the FDA regarding the potential benefits, if any, of vape e-cigarette flavors for adult smokers."

5. Illegal Vape E-cigarettes Valued at Over £400,000 Seized in the UK

 With the support of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), officials from the Trading Standards seized illegal e-cigarettes worth over £400,000 in Salford. Some of these illegal vape e-cigarettes had e-liquid contents exceeding the legal limit by 11 times. Since January of this year, Trading Standards has confiscated nearly 85,000 illegal vape e-cigarette products worth over £650,000.

6. Ukraine Implements Ban on Flavored Vape E-cigarettes from July 11th

 Ukraine's ban on the advertisement of e-cigarettes, including heated tobacco products, came into effect on July 11th, 2023. Additionally, flavored e-cigarette products are also prohibited. The advertising ban applies to all types of media, including the internet, social media, public transportation, and public events.

 Violators of this ban will be fined 30,000 Ukrainian hryvnias (approximately 5,844 Chinese yuan) for the first offense, followed by subsequent fines of 50,000 Ukrainian hryvnias (approximately 9,740 Chinese yuan). Furthermore, the use of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products is prohibited in all public places and businesses in Ukraine.

7. FDA Issues Sales Prohibition to Myblu Vape Products

 On July 10th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Marketing Denial Order (MDO) for Myblu Menthol 2.4%, an e-cigarette product manufactured by Fontem US, LLC (Myblu). Fontem US is the e-cigarette products division of Imperial Tobacco.

 Receiving the Marketing Denial Order (MDO) means that the company is prohibited from selling or distributing the myblu vape product in the United States, risking enforcement action by the FDA. The company can submit a new application to address the defects of the product subject to this MDO.

8. Ghana Declares Sales and Advertising of Vaping E-cigarettes Illegal

 The West African country of Ghana has banned all recreational vape e-cigarette products. The Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana stated, "The public sale, promotion, and recreational use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) such as e-cigarettes and other non-nicotine tobacco products are illegal." However, e-cigarettes can be registered as prescription drugs for smoking cessation therapy.

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