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  • 08-22/2023
    the New Zealand government has recently unveiled a series of regulations aimed at curbing youth access and attraction towards vaping products. Removable Batteries vapes may be the new vape trends.
  • 08-08/2023
    while Venezuela's ban on vape products is a significant regulatory measure, its long-term impact on the market and public health outcomes remains to be observed, particularly in light of the Brazilian experience. As the nation moves forward with this prohibition, it will be crucial to monitor its effects on consumer behavior, health, and the broader market dynamics.
  • 08-08/2023
    a groundbreaking study has unveiled a remarkable potential for the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to save more than £500 million annually through the adoption of e-cigarettes by half of the adult smokers. This significant revelation stems from research conducted by the scholars at London's Brunel University, who harnessed data from NHS Digital, the Royal College of Physicians, and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to determine smoking rates across various regions.
  • 08-02/2023
    In its recent half-year performance report, British American Tobacco (BAT) revealed significant financial growth, with its revenue increasing by 4.4% in the first six months ending on June 30, 2023. The standout performer was the company's new tobacco product line, which contributed a substantial profit of 201 million pounds to the overall group's earnings. This article will delve into the key highlights of the report, focusing on the outstanding performance of BAT's innovative tobacco products and the growth it has achieved in the non-combustible category.
  • 08-01/2023
    The Philippines' vaping regulation bill passed in January has recently become law, marking a significant milestone in the country's approach to vaping regulations. This legislation positions the Philippines as one of the few Asian countries with reasonable vaping regulations, aimed at benefiting both smokers and potential smokers who might consider using vapor products as an alternative. In this article, we will explore the implications of the new law and how it can potentially impact nicotine consumers in the country.
  • 07-28/2023
    French Vaping Market Undergoes Changes: Health Minister's Replacement and the Possible Suspension of Ban on Disposable Vapes
  • 07-20/2023
    Discover the alarming rise of unauthorized disposable vapes in the US vaping market. Learn about the FDA's struggle to control fruity flavors appealing to teenagers, and the need for stronger regulation to safeguard public health. Explore the impact of unauthorized vapes from Chinese manufacturers and the push to close regulatory loopholes. Delve into the concerning rise of youth vaping and the efforts to protect young consumers from these illicit products. Get access to vital insights on the vaping industry and the challenges faced by regulatory authorities in controlling the trend
  • 07-20/2023
    The USA holds half of the global vapes and e-cigarettes market, making it a market worth paying attention to. Despite the rapid development of the European market in recent years, the USA still holds a considerable share. For instance, according to Statista's forecast, the revenue of the European vapes and e-cigarettes market is expected to reach $10.26 billion in 2023. In contrast, the US vapes and e-cigarettes market is projected to reach a whopping $9 billion by 2022. This indicates that the USA and European markets will remain at the core in 2023.
  • 07-20/2023
    Uncover the reality of fake Prime drink-branded vapes. This comprehensive article explores the rise of this trend, potential risks, and how to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit products.
  • 07-18/2023
    In a recent speech, public health expert Konstantinos Farsalinos criticizes the World Health Organization's inadequate tobacco control measures, stating that scientific consensus supports the significantly lower harm of e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes. Discover the potential of vaping e-cigarettes for harm reduction and smoking cessation while understanding the importance of evidence-based strategies.

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