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  • 07-16/2023
    Discover how Ecigator, a leading vape manufacturer in the UK, has established its UK branch through Shenzhen FM Technology (UK) Technology Co. Ltd. Explore their expertise, authorities, and trust in the vape industry.
  • 02-27/2023
    With growth of demands in vape market, 8 production lines cannot meet the inceasing demands of disposable vape and pod kits from customers, after discussion with our boarders , Ecigator made up her mind to expand the scale of workshops and improve the efficiency of manufacturing capacity, finally cartridge assembly automatic manchines were brought onto group of assembly lines.
  • 02-27/2023
    Since its inception, Ecigator has a dream of becoming a top brand in field of E cigarettes, with many years of development,ecigator has conformed a great system of manufacturing high and table quality of e cigarettes including pod kits, mods and disposable vape products and etc, In 2022, ecigator won ISO9001 approval of international quality and management , which drove ecigator forward to build a strong and standard manufacturing center for its brand. Ecigator's dream is about to build a great in this field, just like elf bar, it needs strong support both of stable manufacturing ability and correct effective marketing channels including products, advertisement,promotion and strong relationship with partners around the global.

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