Automatic Vape Cartridge Assembly Machine


With growth of demands in vape market, 8 production lines cannot meet the inceasing demands of disposable vape and pod kits from customers, after discussion with our boarders , Ecigator made up her mind to expand the scale of workshops and improve the efficiency of manufacturing capacity, finally cartridge assembly automatic manchines were brought onto group of assembly lines. 

Ecigator also built clean and anti-dust GMP workshop in which over 6 automatic eliquid refilling machines were installed,120 empty carts can be prefilled once a time, 3000pcs of carts can be prefilled per hour on one machine, daily output reaches up to 100000pcs of cartridges.

After bringing automatic machines in, capacity of manufacturing has been increasing 50-60% compared to the situation in early of 2022, not only quanitity has been increasing but also quality of vape products has been approved by Ecigator quality control team.The filling machines we are using from top machine manufacturer to make sure the high-precision and less false issues under long time working situation.

Ecigator works with famous brands in China like RELX,Youzi as well as other new growing brands, and those carts are popular with customers in and out of China.

E cigarette Ecigator Manufacturer

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