Nicotine Content Exceeds Limits: McKesse Disposable Vapes Forced Off Shelves in Ireland


Nicotine Content Exceeds Limits: McKesse Disposable Vapes Forced Off Shelves in Ireland

In a significant regulatory move, the Health Service Executive (HSE) of Ireland has taken action against McKesse disposable vapes due to their nicotine content exceeding legal limits. Consumers are urged to pay heed as these products have been forcibly removed from store shelves across the country.

HSE's Public Warning and European Safety Gate Involvement

The HSE has issued a public warning to Irish citizens, cautioning them against using certain e-cigarettes, specifically the MK Bar 7000 in Blue & Razz Ice and Green Apple flavors, both manufactured by McKesse. The reason behind this stern advisory is that these products contain nicotine levels exceeding the permissible 20mg/ml limit set by regulations.

As part of its commitment to safeguard public health, the HSE has swiftly reported the issue to the European Safety Gate, an essential system for rapid alerts on non-food products that pose potential risks. This step aims to ensure that necessary measures are taken promptly to protect consumers from any harm posed by these products.

Retailers Respond with Recall Notices

In response to the HSE's warning, retailers have been ordered to remove all McKesse disposable vapes from their physical stores and online platforms. Additionally, these retailers are required to issue recall notices across their social media channels, reaching out to consumers who may have purchased the affected products. The aim is to prevent further consumption and potential health risks due to the elevated nicotine levels.

Moreover, the HSE has requested comprehensive information from the retailers regarding the suppliers of these products. This data will be crucial in tracking the distribution and flow of the non-compliant vapes within the market.

Dr. Maurice Mulcahy's Call for Responsible Manufacturing and Importing

Dr. Maurice Mulcahy, the esteemed Regional Chief Environmental Health Officer at HSE, emphasized the shared responsibility of e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers, as well as importers. He stressed the importance of ensuring that all products adhere to the established legal requirements.

The doctor further advises consumers who have purchased the affected McKesse disposable vapes to refrain from using them immediately. Instead, he urges them to return the products to the retailers where they were bought. This approach not only safeguards consumers but also helps maintain accountability throughout the supply chain.

Dr. Mulcahy also emphasizes the obligation of manufacturers and importers to inform the HSE well in advance about their plans to introduce products into the Irish market. Transparent and timely communication will enable the HSE to ensure that all products meet the necessary safety standards before they reach consumers' hands.

McKesse's Silence Amidst the Storm

Despite the mounting concern and regulatory actions, McKesse has remained silent and has yet to provide any official response regarding the issue. This lack of engagement raises questions about the company's commitment to consumer safety and compliance with regulations.


The forced removal of McKesse disposable vapes from store shelves in Ireland serves as a stern warning to the e-cigarette industry at large. Compliance with nicotine content regulations is not only a legal necessity but also a critical aspect of ensuring consumer safety. The actions taken by the HSE and the involvement of the European Safety Gate underscore the importance of stringent measures to protect public health.

Consumers are urged to heed the HSE's warning and refrain from using the identified products. This, coupled with responsible manufacturing and importing practices, will play a crucial role in upholding the integrity of the e-cigarette industry and safeguarding consumers from potential risks. As for McKesse, their lack of response raises concerns about their dedication to compliance and consumer welfare.

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