New Regulation of China Tobacco


On March 12, 2022, China Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued the "Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes", which requires the retail of electronic cigarettes to apply for a tobacco monopoly license, and IPO needs the approval of the competent authority. 

It was also released on the same day, China Tobacco Monopoly Administration publicly solicited opinions on the "E-cigarette" national standard (2nd consultation draft). The most influential requirement comes from the design of the atomizer,Minors are inductiveand the characteristic flavor of the product should not be presented flavors other than tobacco.

From October 2022, e-cigarette market entities engaged in the production and operation of e-cigarettes should obtain a tobacco monopoly license, and strictly follow the "Tobacco Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China", 

"Regulations for the Implementation of the Tobacco Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China" and "E-cigarette Management "Measures", "E-cigarette" mandatory national standards, and various supporting policies and regulations of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, etc. to carry out the activities of production and operation. 

E-cigarette manufacturers,Eliquid manufacturers for e-cigarettes, Vape wholesalers, and e-cigarette retail entities that have obtained tobacco monopoly licenses in accordance with the law shall conduct transactions 
through the e-cigarette transaction management platform. The transportation of e-cigarette products and eliquid shall be subject to the supervision of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and the logistics documents shall be produced and attached in accordance with relevant regulations.

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