Disposable e-cigarettes such as "milk tea cups" and "coke cans"


Lately China tobacco adminstration gives a big hit on those e-cigaretts which are attractive to teenagers or mislead for using.

Disposable illegal e-cigarettes such as "milk tea cups" and "coke cans" in China are on the rise, and supervision and law enforcement are becoming stricter

2023", which means the further implementation of industry supervision.

Compared with the overfilling phenomenon of disposable electronic cigarettes in foreign countries, there are also cases of disposable illegal electronic cigarettes disrupting the market in the domestic electronic cigarette market. From October 1, 2022, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes will officially withdraw from the domestic market. A batch of disposable e-cigarette products dressed in "milk tea cups" and "coke cups" began to appear on the market.

At present, the supervision and law enforcement of e-cigarettes is showing a thunderous trend. Recently, in the rectification of flavored e-cigarettes such as "milk tea cups" and "coke cans" carried out by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, 593 cases of "milk tea cups" and "coke cans" were investigated and dealt with, 84 criminal cases were involved, and 188 people were prosecuted. 723,800 "milk tea cups" and "coke cans" were seized, involving a total amount of 507 million yuan. 373 e-cigarette sales outlets around primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, 27 vending machines, and 1,471 illegal links were deleted.

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