Innovative vaping technology in Ecigator

As a technology leader in the vaping industry, Ecigator has the industry's top-level R&D technology chain and a world-class production workshop, and is always looking for the best solution for absolutely fresh and safe pods. Recently, the Ecigator A series officially landed on the market. In addition to continuing the push valve open circuit sealing technology of the H series, this series uses an upgraded version of organic cotton core and introduces a variety of exclusive compound flavors.

True "separation of oil core", creating barriers to brand core technology competition.

Since its establishment, Ecigator has reached long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known companies to jointly explore the innovative technology and design of small vapes. In the close integration of design, research and development, production, and quality inspection, we strictly control the quality of research and development and production, and continuously launch high-quality products that meet the needs of the market and customers. By referring to the low-cost use of atomizing liquid by large vape products, and then making unique innovations on the small vape device, different from the one-piece structure or internal blocking isolation structure of traditional pods, Ecigator adopts a brand new "core" The "separation" design, through more efficient sealing technology, provides multiple protections for the e-liquid, so as to achieve the effect of no oil leakage, ensure the quality of the e-liquid during transportation and storage, and make the taste more pure and more in place when users use it. In addition, by combining the vape condensation reflux technology, an upside down structure is set in the airway to cut off condensation, and the use of gravity directly and effectively reduces the chance of inhaling e-liquid.

In addition, the newly upgraded organic cotton atomizing core of the Ecigator A series uses 100% natural and safe organic cotton. Its high porosity and structural characteristics of natural fibers, rich pore structure, allows 360° penetration of e-liquid, and strengthens the bond between fiber and e-liquid. Contact, heat carefully. After heating, the atomized molecular particles are larger, the taste and layering are stronger, and each puff is soft and delicated.

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