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eGo-CE4 Starter Kit

eGo-CE4 - The Kit Comes with the Most Popular eGo-T battery and CE4 clearomizer.

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eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
Quick Details of eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
Brand Ecigator
Model Number ECK
Packing eGo Case / Blister Pack
Kit Size
Kit Weight
Certification CE / Rohs
MOQ 10kits per color
Wholesale Price
  • eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
  • eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
  • eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
  • eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
  • eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
  • eGo-CE4 Starter Kit
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eGo CE4 Starter Kit comes with the most popular eGo-T Battery and CE4 Clearomizer. It's acknowledged as one of the best ecig at present.

Advantages of eGo CE4:

  • 1. Excellent Performance: Vape whole day without charging with the 2pcs batteries,  and try different flavors at one time with the 2pcs clearomizers.
  • 2. Easy to Refill: Just take off the CE4 mouthpiece, fill the e-liquid around the centeral tube, and then put back the mouthpiece.
  • 3. No burning, no leaking. Very large vapor.
  • 4. Large ego case, portable for carry anywhere, no need to pay for the useless large giftbox.
Components of eGo CE4 Double Kit
eGo-T Battery 2 pcs
CE4 Clearomizer 2 pcs
Neddle Bottle 1 pc
USB Charger 1 pc
Wall Adapter 1 pc
User Manual 1 pc
Specifications of eGo CE4 Starter Kit
Battery Capacity 650 / 900 / 1100 / 1300 mah
Battery Colors Default 7 Colors or your custom colors
Clearomizer Capacity 1.6 ml
Clearomizer Colors Default 7 Colors
Resistance 1.8 / 2.4 / 2.8ohm
OEM Service Available
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