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We are a technology integrated company which is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of electronic cigarettes and related products! With strong support of our R&D team, Ecigator will introduce new and unique item every month and become one of the leaders of ecig industry.

  • Cherry Bomber Box Mod Clone

    Cherry Bomber Box Mod Clon

  • Osmium Box Mod Clone

    Osmium Box Mod Clone

  • Royal Hunter (RH) RDA Clone

    Royal Hunter (RH) RDA Clon

  • El Cabron RDA Clone

    El Cabron RDA Clone

  • HellBoy RDA Clone

    HellBoy RDA Clone

  • ABS Clear Box Mod V2 (Mosfet and LED)

    ABS Clear Box Mod V2 (Mosf

  • Dimitri Box Mod Clone

    Dimitri Box Mod Clone

  • Turbo RDA

    Turbo RDA

Who Are We And How Are We Specialized

Ecigator are a renowned firm specialized for electronic cigarettes and related products. We have been recognized as one of the most reputable electronic cigarette wholesale and OEM manufacturers of the world. With a big no to fire, tar, carbon monoxide, ashes and stub, our professional team of people are skilled in making outstanding e-cigarettes as per your needs.

Without having to worry about environmental pollution, you can use our Electronic Cigarettes and smoker anywhere healthily without any hassle. No wonders, the moment you begin using e cig, you would for sure forget your real smoking habit and get used to using these e cigs. Like how we are concerned about our customer's health, so are we when it comes to the price. Yes, we offer e-cigarettes at competitive prices when compared to other electronic companies. No one other than us can entertain our customers with value added service and high quality electronic products. With a simple search from our website, you will find an assortment of electric cigarettes. Alright chain smokers, worry no more about your addiction. Order for our high quality e cigs and have a healthy smoking.

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Sales Team

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R&D Team

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QC Team